You're Already on the Way Up, Let's Go

by Charlie Paso

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pukkajbaby flexxin ass binch i love u shrink is my jam ft my cackle in curiously strong mints i like to listen in european streets or before takin a nap in the sheets 10/10 recommend ur impeccable bby a man who gives u That Sound !!!! clouds won't let the Birds down, slight deja vu o_0 help Favorite track: Shrink.
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Cruel summer huh?


released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Charlie Paso Raleigh, North Carolina

Charlie Paso

Rock and Roll

Duncan McDonald
Guitar/Bass/Drums/ Keys/Vocals

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Track Name: Dissolve
Wearing nothing but our
blank expressions
our blankets kicked off
our boots are jealous
If you're bored of jacking yourself
you never want to talk
you never meant to
that's just my rug
sweep yourself right under

grateful to dissolve in liquid
like sugar heavy coffee
we need to find someone to blame
kisses wet like dew do you
live up to who
you say you are
blame it on a reason
blissful in the season
that is the one you're not

glitter stains your hand
and every time you sweat its in your face
its in your skin
its everyday
where would I go
if my spine stopped telling me where
would I go
if you're not there?
Track Name: Terrible Singers
Softly speaking
drift in and out of your parade
at what ends?
you binge and binge and bend the trees
to your shade
your mother drinks
overfilled ovaries
I see this rose in my dreams
I hope you'll tell me what it means

there's sewer sisters
staining the corner store
it explained your desires for more
what dreams are these?
whose things I receive
in endless boxes overpaying for packaging

Terrible singers doing their thing I guess
keep doing that thing to my chest
Oh blow it all and go
I just thought that you should know
that those days are gone
I feel I feel I feel

I feel you in my molars
come on over
and sing
like me
the future is solar
but I don't feel so sunny
so sunny
Track Name: Drive Through
Baby I thought about it long amounts
and i keep thinking you'll be fine on your own now

I talk too much and you will tear me down
you repeat yourself until you drown

so you be precise
during an awful time
You'll all focus on the past
I just give myself the worst advice
Why would I trust myself with my own life
I've been unwell
thinking about the time

So you bring your best record my friend
And you play it all the way to the end
And you think a lot how you would be so different
When you look back and you reconsider it

Come out and play
come out and save me
once again, my little friend
you've done away with me
I want it that way
so i can leisurely
get back in your way
Track Name: Falling Up
Is this all emptiness is?
an obscure game
with wishes you guess
i'm gonna get the same
and does it have to be
time trickles away
and i despise me

Burning washed out
focus runs now
falling up not out

Pluck your silly eyes
and let your brows speak highly of you
beautiful Milk
and Cinnamon for a long life
Pull out the measles stains
and coax the thoughts down
and feel your bladder drain
into the shower drain again

burning washed out
focus runs now
falling up not out

when I die when I dream
and I dream when I die
and i dream in the night
to night drive
when i die when I dream
and i dream that when i die
i dream in the night
and night drives
When I die when I dream
that I dream when I die
And I die when i dream
and i dream when i die
and i dream when i die
i dream when I die
that I die when I dream
Track Name: My
All those people speak in rhymes
I feel it at night
You open your borealis
to see me with this chalice
filled with white
and the brown in your eyes
its the brain again

My lover
good things always pass
My lover
good is fast please make it last
we'll fake it laugh and cry
My lover
my buzz

Jasmine liquid stains your memory
and leaves it here with me
to stare down the dark road
and feel it in your soul
buy a new car, you can drive
i need to be weak for awhile
Track Name: Captain Morgan
Captain morgan
Track Name: Shrink
It's that time
when snakes move quick
stop signs bite
my will to be sick
White lined
White lines
on my doorway
White lied all to myself
Green smoothie for the people
little red movie to tide me over
bored; as i grip your hand that grips and shouting

6 Feet under
but my head still shows
you might be dying
but look at me
I mean it
i never did
i always will
forever for whats in between

It comes on too fast
Pictures past
and please
people are pretty
then they shrink
and be what you need them to be
i cant think when the last time i could think was

The trees are still
but the clouds still move
your perfume is wet
and fills the grooves
forever and fucking
always full of myself
forever my woman
lucky her to get me to herself

I just wanna be good to you
please let me be good for you too
I just wanna be good

people are pretty then they shrink
and be what you need them to be

get your attention
just to watch it blow away
don't get in the way
a moment of clarity
i wanna be on the tip of your tongue
I'm on top
i don't feel it often
just don't let it go away
Track Name: GREAT BOY
Clever's better, i'm never right
always listening on the side
be it never would i ride?
my confusion speaks for itself

loose and tight
asking questions best left to delights
my false irreverence
never fights
i wanted flight
i needed it
i needed sky

where was i before i died
would i make things fast
or would i even tread on you
these things placate my mind

Oh stand
I stare
thinking twice
why does
no one
girl whose on speakers
i want to be heard
but i'm afraid to say anything
say anything

my hand
my hand
my canada

my hand
my hand
i think shes the one

plants in my estate
pedestrian through everything
park benches full of semen
and slippery don't mind mes

just love me OK
love me as your only escape
never am eager to see what i have made
what do i create would i do it another way?

you bird you plane
you walk back this way

have a sniff and tell me
Robitussin cherry
flagrant blossoms
scare my pulse
and love
obvious in motion
that i am in motion
now that i am broken

does it mean never stray?

what main purpose is my life on my tongue
my tongue
its pain and i love it
and i want it done with it
ah ha ha ha ha
the public moves on
ah ha ha ha ha
ill write it in a song
this song this song
ill rub it in
ill rub it in
until i get used to the smell
Track Name: This it Is/Cigarette Ads
Conform to disguise
my bed opens it's eyes
and we dig dig dig
and don't know what
and we run run run run
you fear

hold hand wet with kisses mine
I ask it all the time
this it is
it's fine

This house is great
I've been a raisin all my life
now i'm a grape
peeling up mirrors till it
grow a new one
and take me away

hold hand wet with kisses mine
I ask it all the time
this it is
it's fine

Cigarette ads
roll through the country
dig in deeper
your ingrown toenail
pissing broken
into the pipe dream
fly your ship into the ocean

I was clairvoyant
then I got glasses
I see

Rooftop vistas
suicide binoculars
forget it early
rather than later

Save your money
spend it never
Save your family
read the paper

say please
Track Name: Clouds won't Let the Birds Down
so under the radar
baby i think you'd like the last car i drove
I flied in floating
I died in bulk
on islands of broke kids
island proof

You sit there waiting for me with your ivory curl
and your pants off, I'm trying to keep my hands off you
and baby its not working so good
I'm in the back seat and i wish you would come back to me

gracious irony
empathetic human beings
when getting out of town
you're appreciating your old self right about now
would you like a hand?

Senior of the dream
you got the discount
You like change
but you're gonna stay for now
baby you talk to me that way
go home and think about me please
i could think about you in the mirror with your friends around you talking
talking about
you kept me around
you kept me around
you kept me around
well the clouds wouldn't let the birds down
Track Name: I Don't Run I Work
The ocean of pebbles
flooding my devils
and led me inside
pinestraw as pavement
like southern comfort vague when
I drive away

But the strength of the tie fades
But it's lack made me stay
Oh I miss it when it's gone
The little imprints lend me their shape

And everything green knows me
everything red melts to brown
And white is easily stained
White is
But the plastic sticks around
to say

I run I don't work
I don't work I run
I run I don't work
I don't work I run
I run I don't work
I don't work I run
I run I don't work
I don't work I run

A festival
last week
an open heart
and a plug
and my tongue and cheek
made friends with a rat
to eat
oh honey it tasted like
a little salty
how does that taste
I open the door just to keep
it shut
I don't run I work
Track Name: Auburn
You saw it, ok
I said maybe next week
lady lasting since threadbare
you still trip
Mad men make the world

Coffee stains that look like you
pleasant enough to please
been a patient this year too
the cup of tea wakes up and leaves
darling darling do you adore me?
lying therein still
stabbing stab me guilty conscious
bend me if you will

You saw it, ok
I said maybe next week
lady lasting since threadbare
you still trip
Mad men make the world

Everyone is dancing on the auburn beach
plan a romance and see what she means to say
sleepwalkers stay awake
Track Name: As·i·nine
Sad songs don't talk to me that way
i sleep awake
Chicago dreaming
me next to you
we think were alike
i guess we are, two
for one
for a soul
to have fun

you're just loathing
hello there
that I am floating
in the sink its a mess

You think without your dreams about your hair
without your leak without your
drum without your head without
your love your weak without
you're out of luck

Do you know if you're ahead
do talk about it
Do you talk too much
and then do you think about that
do you drink
not enough
but you don't wanna get less thin
and you talk just enough
and look in the mirror

think without your dreams about your hair
without your leak without your
drum without your head without
your love your weak without
you're out of luck

do you recall
nothing at all?

Baby i don't know what i know
i really like to take it slow
baby i can't help but
tears inside your hole

you run away for a minute i tell myself
get me back in it
I can't grow up like this

you been alone alive
we got our time it takes its
time it takes its toll
It's so asinine
so asinine
i'm bending out of control
baby talk to me
baby do you see great things when you're next to me?
Track Name: Get out of Town
Been still
I've been still
I've waited on ice
You kept on sliding to me
Thought it would be nice
to have a thought of your own
to not think twice
to tell those residents in your head
to be quiet
be quiet

thinking bout getting out of town
but the distance and shit coffee hold me down
tomorrow will be patient
if you don't let it come around

I graciously accept your curiosity
please say that I can get away
Endlessly, provide reasons for me to fall asleep
Dismally pissed off even in my dreams

Gracious loud noises kiss you all to sleep
elevator music plays inside my car when i go and eat
my intentionally empty stomach
empathizes with the TV
why with distortion?

that's the fun part
Track Name: (BONUS) Ovary Song
Cheddar snacks are my only source of love
a salty glove that surrounds a noose to hold me up
impatient but the patient wither
they pity all the crawling
scratching dog

ooo oohlong
ooo ovary song

applesauce in motion control my brain
I made a lot of deals to settle mundane ride on my heels the succulent leaves
they're dead and falling into
they're dead and falling into
Christmas trees

brownie smile
brown dead skies
got the keys
let me out
babe i'm alright
collection is empty
my money is all mine

ill eat you outside
until your insides come to play
I'm coming today
left me helpless today

ill sink into sleep again
salty dog
a raindrop tells me off
i feel brand new in this raincoat
another kiss on the cheek by the same ghost
pissing pizza possibilities
in the palace of the night you come for me

ooo oohlong
ooo ovary song