Toilet Palace

by Charlie Paso

supported by
Duncan McDonald
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Duncan McDonald Wow it's like someone punched a harmony and told it to shut the hell up and then the resulting cry and blood/tears is what made this one of my favorites Favorite track: Butter Salts & Warm Croissants.
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more experimentation getting used to it


released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Charlie Paso Raleigh, North Carolina

Charlie Paso

Rock and Roll

Duncan McDonald
Guitar/Bass/Drums/ Keys/Vocals

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Track Name: T.V. Dinners
Tell the sirens to be quiet
the silence is a little more scary though
regardless of what i meant,
your glad reception of it warms me so
I'm gone and bound to have a little trouble,
I'm dying to behave
we can try for TV dinners or misconceive this try at dinner dates

I'll never mind if u call, i'm here after all, my homemade doubt,
Your primitive slips, and my disastrous, monumental mistakes,
compare no how,
when the fleas jump to and from my thighs,
you're one of them and i can tell which one you are
I could guess or be less correct, or take a few less steps,
but would i still be your guy?

TV dinners tennis games,
on the pavement, you know what i meant
we can write our names
you wrote your number in some dust,
on the back of my car,
and i'd love to see us laughing about how lucky the two of us are

Can I be as honest as I want to be for a second
you tempted me with home-cooked love, disguised as convalescence
and I've been to church and done some nasty things
but not much glistens, melts then stings until your with me

I speak in tongues, but can't help but want only one,
Track Name: Butter Salts & Warm Croissants
I would think if you weren't all that i thought of
I've got a blanket its your head
I would blink if you weren't all i saw girl
not walking talking chasing you instead

My window-frame is empty for your things now
I'm stuck i beg you to let me in
throwing water out, i can't allow
hoping some will float you to me then

you're so hot i'm so alone
i'd love to let you warm me up and call me
walking by myself is boring
you're making breakfast and i'm making sure to never let you go

I want your breath, your warm surroundings
all i'm thinking of is your skin
Pale enough but getting bolder by the thousands
let the morning come to us again

i'm hoping i'm the unfamiliar comfort
the one that makes you feel at home
astounding me further indebted
my brain is melted from its Styrofoam
Track Name: International Dookey
Why not run farther than we should
it's dark the weathers not good
we can dance the rain away
whatever i just would love for you to stay

so what
just stay
do nothing
im blushing

Well the salts gonna bite,
but im already biting your lips
there's quite alot more to this conversation
quite alot more to your hips

than dancing,
i told myself
you'd told yourself im handsome
would u be urself
ive made up my mind, twice by now

so what
just stay
do nothing
im blushing
Track Name: BBQ
Love in the mirror, if you say so
drugs made it clearer when you didn't know
how to control it
how to control it

I've been afraid
i should've known
to not do anything besides in bed at home
but you broke in
yeah you broke in

eating BBQ
chinese food requires too much conversation
cranberry juice when did i stop being so interesting,
I don't know
I'm like a sunburnt vacation so miserable,
but so in love

Be my little love
my bbq pork
broken city full of stuff
fits my bbq love

don't tell me about your problems
google knows more anyways
have you seen NY city,
yeah its pretty lame
its pretty lame

why would i cry
why aren't we in the news
old is the color
it's still being used
please use it
learn how to use it,