Charlie Paso's Christmas Special

by Charlie Paso

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jingle bells


released December 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Charlie Paso Raleigh, North Carolina

Charlie Paso

Rock and Roll

Duncan McDonald
Guitar/Bass/Drums/ Keys/Vocals

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Track Name: Carolina homes
We fuck in the sun
the nightclub bumps overhead
you and i are only one
oh baby I still taste the lead
peel sidewalk its okay
bend it back babe we aren't meant for fame
proud of ourselves for being mundane
why, sugar you're such a sundae
you're wet concrete
ms. impressionable

light salt
heavy cream
fresh caught
you think you're mean
pizza crust
soggy sausage
your not drunk
your still in college
oh in carolina homes

white heat
take your nose
and panty hose
have u seen a dog
the mess it made
look in my head
it's the same
oh in carolina homes

he dont know
he dont know

dip your hands into my mouth
i kicked it to the white nose
and the clean tie
mama it's suppertime
dealership , bound to it
sorry, but
dont your fingers get cold
in carolina homes

he don't know
sour cream
in toblerone
white knights
theres no other color
in between
oh, in carolina homes
Track Name: NA NA NA NA
it smells like gardenia
na na na na
oh momma
please stop drinking
what's a flower to a face
i'm pretty sure i know what i am doing
satan hold me make me puke and all i hear is
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh honey
pour your posion please
ahhh please hold me
we're alive but why is it so hard to breathe
i'm wearing all black now
will you fuck me?